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Episode 660: Flower Farming in Los Angeles: Meet a trio of growers behind an upcoming flower farm tour as they discuss the unique character of urban flower farming in Southern California

Wednesday, May 1st, 2024

Meet three of the flower farmers behind the bountiful LA Flower Farm Tour, as eight woman-owned urban flower farms come together to open their gates to the public on May 4th. These growers, including three Slow Flowers member-owned farms, will welcome Los Angeles flower lovers and gardeners to wander through their fields and get to know the farmers behind the blooms.

LA Flower Farm Tour

We’re previewing the upcoming Los Angeles Flower Farm Tour – a journey through the lesser-known world of local blooms being cultivated throughout the City of Angels.

LA Flower Farm Tour May 4, 2024

The May 4th, self-guided tour reveals the magic of locally grown flowers and the importance of supporting community agriculture. Their blossoms aren’t just beautiful; they represent a commitment to sustainability and a connection to the land.

Tour-goers will meet the farmers, making important connections and learning about the dedicated female farmers behind the blooms, including their craft, their passion, and the stories that make each petal special.

Kathleen Ferguson at Frogtown Flora LA
Kathleen Ferguson at Frogtown Flora LA
Hannah Melde-Webster of Golden Heron
Hannah Melde-Webster of Golden Heron

Today’s guests include Kathleen Ferguson of Frogtown Flora; Hannah Melde-Webster of Golden Heron; and Jen Britton of Bloomtown Flower Co. The three women gathered in Jen’s studio to record our conversation, which you’ll see in the accompanying video version of this episode.

With the ultimate goal of simply celebrating the beauty of spring, their hope is to raise awareness of locally grown blooms and inspire others to start their own gardens too. With land access being so limited in Los Angeles, these farmers each beautifully display ways in which micro farms can thrive within an urban landscape.

I want to mention a special thank you to Shannon Tymkiw of FlowerBox Studios and Farm. She is a longtime, Pasadena-based farmer-florist and Slow Flowers member who first suggested that I feature the tour today. Thank you, Shannon; we appreciate your support!

LA Flower Farm Tour Group One
LA Flower Farm Tour Group 2
LA Flower Farm Tour Group 3

After the tour was announced, the RSVP’s came flooding in and, as you’ll hear in our conversation, it is now over-subscribed at 800. There is a waiting list and I’ll share that link in today’s show notes.

As guests chart their own course through LA’s floral wonderland, they will also have a chance to take a little piece of each farm home with them. Each farm will have a variety of goods available for purchase, from fresh cut bouquets, u-pick flowers, and potted plants, to handmade goods, treats and beverages.

Follow the Farms

Participating Farms and their additional offerings:

✨Frogtown Flora ( Sweet treats, Frogtown Flora merchandise, ceramics, flowers, seeds, and more!

✨Golden Heron ( U-pick flowers (by appointment), ambient set by S.E. Webster, baked goods by Mimsy’s Munchies, food by Amenohi, ceramics by Gilded Poppy

✨Drive By Flora (@drive_by_flora) Flower bunches, ceramics, baby tees, seedlings, snack & treats

✨Bloomtown Flower Co ( Plants for sale, flower bunches for sale

✨Mamabotanica Blooms ( mini garage sale of plants, books, and garden items

✨Pia Floral (@piafloraldesign) plants for sale, bouquets, some food and drinks, handmade grocery bags

✨Flowerbox Studios + Farms ( Bouquets for sale, refreshments, a cupcake pop-up

✨Rose Lane Farms (

Let’s come together to share the joy of spring, connect with fellow flower enthusiasts, and support the local agricultural tapestry that adds color to our urban spaces. See you on the Flower Farm Tour!

Pro-tip for tourgoers: Bring a bucket of water in your car so any fresh flowers you buy make it home with you!

Marigolds (Frogtown Flora, Left) and Hannah and Golden Heron (Right)
Marigolds (Frogtown Flora, Left) and Hannah and Golden Heron (Right)

This episode is near and dear to my heart, as I lived and worked in Los Angeles between 2006 and 2010, at a time when most Southern California flower farms were big, corporate, and commercial. Those farms play an important role in the country’s cut flower ecosystem, but I’m so glad that there is more diversity of choice and variety with the advent of more micro flower farms. I’ll also share a list and links to all the participating farms, and you’ll want to find and follow their social media accounts.

As a bonus, the video interview ends with short films from all three of today’s guests, plus a fourth bonus video that Shannon Tymkiw of FlowerBox Studios shared. You won’t want to miss this peek into the flower farms discussed today.

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