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SLOW FLOWERS Podcast: Local Color Flowers (Episode 106)

September 11th, 2013

SLOW FLOWERS Podcast: Local Color Flowers (Episode 106)

Today’s interview will introduce you to Ellen Frost, a Baltimore-based floral designer who is committed to using only 100% locally-grown flowers in her work. I am so impressed with her business philosophy and her contagious enthusiasm for using flowers from farmers she knows and supports. 


Vote for your favorite SLOW FLOWERS florist: Ellen Frost’s Local Color Flowers of Baltimore, Maryland


Our Mission


Creative florist Ellen Frost, founder of Local Color Flowers in downtown Baltimore.

Local Color Flowers is a Baltimore-based floral design business. We create personalized arrangements and bouquets from fresh, seasonal, and sustainable flowers cultivated by local specialty growers. We are committed to responsible use of resources, supporting the local economy and promoting neighboring farms. We provide our clients an environmentally and socially conscious alternative when purchasing flowers.

Our Vision

Local Color Flowers seeks to create and support a sustainable community; where people choose local products and services; where flower farms and farm families are thriving; where there is a diverse, strong local economy; and where people are connected to the living world around them.

Our Passion

We love flowers. We love our clients, growers, and partners. We are social entrepeneurs motivated by our relationships and the connections we create. We want our clients to know where their flowers were grown. We want our growers to know how our clients appreciate their products. We want all of our partners to know how we’re green. We want to share our joy and values through our flowers.


Local Color Flowers’ web site

Home page for Local Color Flowers' web site.

Home page for Local Color Flowers’ web site. Note the compelling “promise” shared with customers who visit


Martha Stewart's 2013 American Made Campaign.

Martha Stewart’s 2013 American Made Campaign.

Vote here for LoCoFlo on Martha Stewart American Made contest.











Ellen at Work

Ellen at work, designing one of 100 weddings and events on her calendar this year.

3 Responses to “SLOW FLOWERS Podcast: Local Color Flowers (Episode 106)”

  1. Ellen Frost Says:


    thanks so much for interviewing us for your awesome podcast! Thank you for all you’re doing to bring attention to American Grown Flowers. You’re making such a huge difference in the lives of growers and designers all over the country!

    looking forward to seeing you on the east coast some time soon!

  2. Carling Elder Says:

    Thanks so much for featuring Local Color Flowers on your podcast! So appreciative of all the work you are doing to educate people about the flower industry! I’ve really been enjoying these podcasts!

  3. Laurie K. Says:

    I love everything about “locoflo” and I am so glad she is getting the recognition she deserves from you and from Martha. As an aspiring flower farmer who is in the middle of buying seeds, plotting out land (on my own acre) and making a business plan…I am inspired from these podcasts and I am learning so much from them. Thank you!!

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