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What’s in bloom now: Spring seasonal floral design

May 4th, 2014

Yesterday, I hosted a hugely inspiring gathering of floral designers

We celebrated spring with a hands-on workshop to explore color, texture, form and scale

Below is the result of our creative expression 


Floral Designs Above, from top: SUSAN WADE and TRACY STRAND (Mother & Daughter)


Floral Designs Above, clockwise from top left: DEBRA PRINZING, SUSAN CARTER, SUSAN KESE and SHAWN CHAMBERLAIN


Floral Designs Above, clockwise from top left: KEITA HORN, KRISTIANN SCHOENING, MAIJA WADE and KRISTIN MATTSEN


Floral Design Above: ZAPOTE GREGORY

Floral Sources:

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Curly willow, Oregon Coastal Flowers

‘Peony’ Tulips, Ojeda Farms

Bleeding Heart, Ojeda Farms

Sweet Peas, Jello Mold Farm

Bupleurum, Foxglove, Gerrondo Gerberas, Yarrow and Veronica — California Grown

Florabundance (thanks for the donation of California-grown products!)

Garden Roses from Rose Story Farm

Dusty Miller


Parrot tulips

2 Responses to “What’s in bloom now: Spring seasonal floral design”

  1. Maija Wade Says:

    Debra, thanks for the wisdom, beauty and humor. The time (too brief) at lovely 95 Yesler was just what I needed to nuture my creativity this Spring. It was good to learn about the seasonal, American-grown flower movement. And to think about the power of flowers to help us live in the moment. To heal, even. These ideas go well with a book I’m reading by West Seattle author Lyanda Lynn Haupt, “The Urban Bestiary.” It’s all about restoring nature in our everyday, urban lives. She writes about animals but it could easily apply to flowers and other greenery. Anyhow, I thought of the book several times as you were teaching.
    Fun day. Good crowd. Thanks again!

  2. Zapote Gregory Says:

    What a wonderful workshop! So appreciated all your details, humor and petaled ‘sunshine’ you provided Saturday! A lovely space and fun day. Thanks so much!

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