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Episode 641: “Women Leading Change,” a new video featuring Toronto-based The Local Flower Collective, with cofounder Jaimie Reeves, filmmaker Craig Conoley, and David Thomas of Open Food Network Canada

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

If you’re a regular listener, you’ve heard the announcement about our first ever international Slow Flowers Summit heading to Banff, Alberta, Canada in June 2024.

Not only are we super excited about bringing our seventh annual Slow Flowers Summit to Canada, we’re also proud to announce that all of our speakers are Canadian-based Slow Flowers members, designers and flower farmers, and Canadian sustainability experts.

Women Leading Change documentary film series
The new film series includes a short feature about the important Toronto-based flower hub, The Local Flower Collective

One of our speakers is longtime Slow Flowers member Jaime Reeves, a Toronto-based floral designer who five years ago co-founded The Local Flower Collective. A wedding and event florist, Jaime owns Leaf & Bloom, a design studio that specializes in weddings and events. At the time of the founding of The Local Flower Collective, she partnered with her studio-mate Carrie Fisher of Roadside Florist.

2024 Slow Flowers Summit Speakers
Proud to feature all Canadian Speakers

Top row: Heather Henson, Lourdes Still, and Hitomi Gilliam
Middle row: Melanie Harrington, Janis Harris, Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, and Cynthia Zamaria
Bottom row: Lorna Jackson, Jaimie Reeves, Cara Scott and Becky Feasby

Carrie is no longer involved with the project, but so many others are! Today, you’ll meet Jaimie and enjoy a preview of a panel presentation at the Slow Flowers Summit. The panel will cover collective and cooperative flower selling and features Jaimie along with Lorna Jackson and Carrie Scott of Island Flower Growers in Victoria, B.C.

A few weeks ago, I accelerated plans to bring on Jaimie as a Slow Flowers Podcast guest when Open Food Network Canada reached out to share news of their documentary series featuring a film about The Local Flower Collective. I wanted to learn more about OFN’s new series, “Women Leading Change,” and its first film in the series, about The Local Flower Collective.

Women Leading Change includes video profiles celebrating the role that women entrepreneurs and grassroots organizers are playing in building sustainable food and farming systems in communities across Canada. From rural farmers’ markets, to urban buying clubs and coops, the series explores how digital technologies are supporting the formation of regional distribution hubs that help farmers and consumers connect in new ways. Funding for this project was provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the AgriCommunication Program.

The first episode of Women Leading Change focuses on The Local Flower Collective, a specialty cut flower hub that supports ecological flower growers and high-end floral designers into a thriving short-chain distribution network. The film introduces The Collective and six of its flower farms. OFN will release four additional videos in this series and you can find out more details about that in our show notes as well.

Let’s jump right in and hear all about it. We’ll first meet David Thomas, executive director of Open Food Network Canada, a non-profit and social purpose organization dedicated to food and farming system change. We’ll also hear from filmmaker Craig Conoley of CELLebrate, who produced the video series before we watch the five-minute film (if you’re a podcast listener, you will hear the film audio).

The second half of this show is devoted to my conversation with Jaimie Reeves as we discuss The Local Flower Collective. I know you’ll love this episode as much as I do!

A bit more about Jaimie Reeves:

Jaimie Reeves of The Local Flower Collective
Jaimie Reeves of The Local Flower Collective

Leaf & Bloom is based in Toronto and specializes in natural floral design for weddings and events. Jaimie Reeves’ deep appreciation for nature and its seasons are prevalent in all her designs. Carefully choosing colours and hand-picking textures and foliage to compliment and reflect nature’s inherent beauty. With a focus on using locally grown blooms paired with untamed foraged elements, her compositions have a natural and effortless-looking style.

Jaimie grew up working in a family-owned garden centre where she began her career as a florist. With over 14 years of experience as a floral designer, she continues to learn and grow her craft. She strives to make every design unique while maintaining an uncomplicated aesthetic.

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News of the Week:

Slow Flowers Summit 2024

Are you coming to Banff for the 2024 Slow Flowers Summit?! You’ll enjoy meeting Jaimie Reeves in person and hear her panel presentation with Lorna and Carrie, as they discuss their journeys, the decisions that led to their format, and the benefits that collective flower hubs bring to the floral communities they serve. There’s still time to reserve your discounted ticket and take advantage of Early Bird Registration rate! You’ll save $100 off your Slow Flowers Summit registration, now through December 31st. I can’t wait to see you in Banff, Alberta, Canada – June 23-25, 2024.

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