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Episode 571: Sustainable Everyday Flowers — how a retail studio honors its eco values with Kelsey Ruhland of Foxbound Flowers

August 17th, 2022

Kelsey Ruhland Foxbound Flowers
Left: a selection of Kelsey’s handmade ceramic vases; Right: Kelsey Ruhland

My guest today is Kelsey Ruhland, owner of Foxbound Flowers a floral studio offering same-day flower delivery to the Eugene, Oregon, marketplace.

4 business values

Her brand offers electric vehicle delivery, responsible sourcing, zero waste and non single-use plastics, as well as locally- and U.S.-grown flowers and plants. I’m especially fascinated with her flower shop hacks — using everything from upcycled cardboard and floral sleeves to create a second use for many materials that would otherwise land in the garbage or fill her recycling bin. You’ll see a few of those tricks in our interview.

Vases by Foxbound Flowers
Seasonal everyday arrangements featuring locally-grown flowers, designed by Foxbound Flowers

I visited Kelsey when I was in Oregon last month, eager to hear her story. Born and raised in North Dakota, Kelsey says she moved to Eugene, with her family to explore the mountains and big trees, enjoy the Pacific coast, the culinary scene, and frankly, to seek a warmer climate.

You will hear in our conversation that Kelsey has worked in the floral industry since 2008, previously owning a full-service retail floral shop in Bismarck, North Dakota, which specialized in wedding and event work. Her wedding florals have been featured on popular blogs such as Wedding SparrowMagnolia Rouge Style Me PrettyDainty Obsessionsand in Rock and Roll Bride Magazine.   

recycled wood fencing as floral containers
Kelsey recycles old wood fencing into beautiful, organic-looking flower vessels

When not arranging flowers, Kelsey enjoys hiking, playing piano, painting, and baking. And, as you will learn from our conversation, she is a true maker, adding ceramics, pottery, and woodworking skills to enhance one-of-a-kind offerings for customers.

I hope you grab a few takeaway tips for your own floral enterprise – I know I have.

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