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Container Design Lecture

June 14th, 2011

Do your containers make you happy? SCOTT EKLUND Photograph, 1997

Do you find container design a frustration?

A terra cotta heart-shaped container, filled with succulents.

Recently, Andrew Buchanan, a photographer friend and former Seattle Post-Intelligencer colleague, told me that is the best value for scanning 35mm slides into digital files. It costs about $1.00 per slide, which is a good bargain compared with $2.50 per slide that local labs charge. 

As an experiment, I sent 44 cardboard- and plastic-framed slides that have resided for years in a Kodak carousel tray to to see what they could do.

Kay at emailed the files to me today – just in time for tomorrow’s lecture.  As it turns out, the digitals seem crisper and brighter than the originals…and they can be manipulated, cropped and re-sized. Pretty handy! 

Happily, my talk’s opening slides look great. And they are very sweet. The little boy you see above as a baby and at left as a bored toddler who I dragged to a container plant trial is now 14 years old, about to begin High School in the fall. Time certainly flies – in the garden . . . and with children!

5 Responses to “Container Design Lecture”

  1. Calvin Says:

    Sorry to have missed your lecture! I am a fan of your blog and other writings–thought you might like to see the container garden I designed: It has a rustic/modern/industrial look and holds a lot of plants! Best, Calvin

  2. Lydia Plunk Says:

    The family is going through old slides- THANK YOu for th resource!

  3. Debra Lee Baldwin Says:

    Those are your kids? SO cute!

  4. Casey Says:

    That remind me of photo I took with my daughter Rosie in the middle of Tulip field in near Amsterdam all you could see was her head poking out in this mass of beautiful flowers. I keep telling her she was named after my favorite flower you have given me some new ideas for pictures this summer.

  5. Gertrude Says:

    This is so cute ! I love taking pictures of my kids in nature. Flowers, trees, sunrises – anything goes !

    We went to Italy (Sicily) last year and i almost had heart attack when my lil daughter screamed like crazy and ran to me … was a bee….no flowers for 3 days for her!

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