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New scenes of my lawn-free backyard

September 2nd, 2009

My killer backlit shot of the central path

My killer backlit shot of the central path

We now have a backyard that is grass-free. The space has undergone a huge transformation since earlier this summer when a crew removed the last patches of dying turf. With irrigation repaired and new planting beds+borders outlined and populated, we received a delivery of California Gold crushed gravel to carpet the walking areas. I’ve since decided on the very best way to describe this color of gravel. To me, it will forever be called “Golden Lab.” When our dog Zanny lays on the gravel in the warm Cali sunshine, we notice that her fur blends beautifully – practically the same color.

Our 25th anniversary was last week, and Bruce surprised me with a brand new digital camera, a Canon PowerShot G10. This is a “big girl” camera. No point-and-shoot idiot stuff for me anymore. OK, basically, I have no idea how to do anything BUT point and shoot, but I hope to learn.

The partner-in-crime in this Canon choice is none other than Bill Wright. Bill and I have worked together for years and together created Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways. He knows his stuff. I’m sure he rolled his eyes (privately) about my wimpy camera shenanigans while we were on location together. Lucky for me, Bill advised Bruce on this camera purchase. Oh, and one sweet note. Bruce gave me a 35mm manual camera for a wedding gift on August 24, 1984. It was a beautiful Pentax. I used it for years, but eventually, it broke (OK, it “was dropped,” which is my passive way of saying I broke it) and couldn’t be repaired. That he remembered the wedding gift 25 years ago and wanted to do a reprise was both thoughtful and romantic.  I’m going to get major mileage out of this Canon. That is, when I learn all of its bells and whistles.

Until then, here is my maiden voyage. Photos of the “new” backyard:

13 Responses to “New scenes of my lawn-free backyard”

  1. Debra Lee Baldwin Says:

    Deb, your garden is gorgeous. I love the way you’ve defined the area and used focal points. Also, great plant material! I have two Canon cameras, btw. An EOS Rebel that I used to shoot both of my books, and a little (deck of cards sized) PowerShot that I travel with and that takes great videos. You’ll love yours!

  2. Alice Joyce Says:

    Congrats on 25 years…. a gorgeous grass-free back yard, and a fab new camera:
    My husband has difficulty figuring out the whole ‘gifting’ thing (maybe I’m difficult 🙂
    but it looks like Bruce has it down!!
    The garden looks incredible. Isn’t it amazing to garden in California!
    I haven’t graduated to a sophisticated camera since swtiching to digital, but maybe one day.
    Best of luck with this new piece of equipment. Cheers, Alice
    .-= Alice Joyce´s last blog ..Bewitching Blue Poppies – The Berry Botanic Garden =-.

  3. Rico Mandel Says:

    What a great garden and the photography is wonderful as well. I am truly impressed. Wonderful.

  4. Dee/reddirtramblings Says:

    Your new garden spot looks just splendid filled all sorts of color and texture. I love your description of the gravel as golden lab. It is perfect. You always find just the right word. Your camera is supposed to be one of the best out there. I may ask for something similar for my 25th. Sometimes, the Nikon is too much to cart about, but I love it in my own garden. Happy Anniversary.~~Dee
    .-= Dee/reddirtramblings´s last blog ..Garden Bloggers Muse Day, September =-.

  5. Lorene Says:

    OMG!!! Debra this is beautiful!!! I cannot believe the transformation and I can’t wait to sit in the garden with you and celebrate next month when I visit. CONGRATULATIONS. And snaps to Bruce for the world’s most romantic gift and thoughtful gesture. I don’t think Jimmy could find diamond earring as tiny as those he gave me nearly 30 (!!!) years ago… oxoxox L
    .-= Lorene´s last blog ..Plant now for fall harvest: Get your Garden on =-.

  6. Anna/Flowergardengirl Says:

    I like the way you mirrored the setting. The tall grass at the focal point is very attractive. Good job! Congrats on your camera. I’ve been married 31 years of bliss( right?) I mean it was bliss.

  7. Sarah Lynch Says:

    Lovely pictures Debra. I am a big fan of Canon cameras and used the G2 for many years. I have recently upgraded to the Xsi and I love it.

  8. liz Says:

    Wonderful garden, I wish mine was as fantastic and it certainly looks like a lot of work has gone into it!
    .-= liz´s last blog ..September is here… Where’d August go? =-.

  9. Barb Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Debra! Fantastic use of the space and so visually interesting. I hope to do something similar someday but will have to research what plants to use first….. plants that are native to this mountainous area that will thrive:) Anyway, great job and fantastic photos!

  10. Building Materials & Supplies Says:

    Great pictures!

    I also use a Canon Xsi, this has been great for develpoing and building on my skills

  11. Lydia Plunk Says:

    All that in one summer? I am impressed- you must be exhausted- but with a beautiful yard and wonderful husband- the only thing left to want are those marvelous children.

  12. Living in the Garden Says:

    Looks beautiful, such an upgrade from lawn…..
    Im sure you will enjoy it this fall and winter…

  13. Scott Prinzing Says:

    We’re gradually taking up our lawn space with vegetables and native plants every year! This year, we’re putting a large raised bed vegetable garden right in the middle of our front lawn! Best sunny spot other than our roof! We’ll get up there, eventually! 😉
    .-= Scott Prinzing´s last blog ..The Green Man Goes to Eco Ed’s House =-.

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