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Episode 439: Meet Hans and Lisa Larsen, Sunborn Gardens’ next generation

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020
Fresh and beautiful – an all-Wisconsin-grown bouquet, with flowers and design from Sunborn Gardens

I’m so delighted today to welcome Hans Larsen and Lisa Larsen, partners in Sunborn Gardens, a Wisconsin flower farm and design studio with a long history in cut flower growing.

Hans Larsen and Lisa Larsen, partners in Sunborn Gardens, 2.0!

Tucked in a little valley near downtown Mount Horeb,  Sunborn has been growing beautiful cut flowers for over 40 years. Owners Hans and Lisa Larsen run the flower farm and design studio, working closely together to create unique and artful floral.  The farmer and florist relationship is what makes their floral designs one-of-a-kind, as they constantly trial new varieties and color palettes to showcase the best Wisconsin has to offer. All farming is done using organic practices in order to properly care for their family land. Sunborn’s modern designs are inspired by the garden, full of specialty blooms, heirloom varieties and rich with texture. 

Inside one of the Sunborn Gardens’ high tunnels, with Farmer Hans.

Sunborn Gardens’ founder Carol Larsen is Hans’ mother. She originally began to sell at the Dane County Farmer’s Market in Madison, Wisconsin, 44 years ago. Her love affair with flowers began with a bucket of orange marigolds and she and Sunborn have grown cut flowers ever since. Many of you will recall that Carol is a pioneering cut flower farmer who co-founded Fair Field Flowers, a marketing cooperative of Wisconsin and Illinois specialty cut flower growers.

Hans and Lisa with two of their three young children.

Fair Field Flowers permanently closed as of January 1, 2019, but the roots of this legendary and innovative regional model remain deep in Madison, Milwaukee and other markets formely served by the cooperative. These are talented people who really made a mark on the Wisconsin floral scene and whose reach went far beyond their region through education, workshops and sharing their knowledge generously.

This is posted on the Fair Field Gardens FB Page: Fair Field Flowers has ceased operation as of 1/1/19. Should you wish to contact any of the former partners please check out the info below:

PO Box 2071
Madison WI 53701

Mary Jo Borchardt
Five Green Acres

Catherine Cooper
Kate’s Fresh Flowers

Christine Curley
Bee Happy Blooms

Hans Larsen
Sunborn Gardens

Jeanie McKewan
Bright Flower Farm

Cheryl Burton and Gina Graham
Old Stone House Farm, LLC

At harvest with Hans Larsen

Here’s more about Flower Farmer Hans Larsen:

“When the opportunity to take over the family farm business came up I had just had my first child. It was in that moment that I knew I had to do it. I wanted my daughter to live the magical, nature-filled life I had as a kid. I wanted her to play in those woods and talk to the flowers. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Learning greenhouse production, bookkeeping, seed starting and more is no walk in the park.  I keep showing up for the flowers. The entrepreneurship journey is a interesting one, full of ups and downs, but unlike the jobs I had before, this gig feeds the soul.  Working so closely with my designer wife, we are cultivating something really special.”

Spring market bouquets (left) and summer lisianthus harvest (right)

And a bit from farmer-florist Lisa Larsen:

I married into this wonderful flower family of mine. When Hans first had the idea to take over his Mother’s flower farm I was skeptical.  I was about to move my entire life to a new city and become a farmer? I eventually found myself helping out in the design studio and it was there I found my calling. I had studied fine arts in college and was set on becoming a teacher, but through long days at the workbench creating art by using flowers as my medium, I was hooked. All the elements and principles of design I once studied were being applied on a daily basis and I wanted more more more! I apprenticed with my mother-in-law for a few years learning all I could. I now run the design studio with a small, very talented staff to produce weddings almost every weekend. I am constantly inspired by what is growing all around me. There really is nothing better than a fresh cut local stem.

Lisianthus season at Sunborn Gardens.

I can’t wait for you  to hear the next chapter of Sunborn Gardens and be inspired by the changes that Lisa and Hans have brought, changes that work with their lifestyle of living off farm and juggling farming and studio responsibilities while parenting three young children. As Lisa and Hans like to joke, it takes two of them to match the skills of Carol Larsen. They are all quite fortunate to have one another along this journey, with Carol continuing to share her “heirloom body of knowledge” (a phrase my friend Diane Szukovathy once coined) with the next generation.

Thanks so much for joining me today — what a wonderful visit with two passionate flower lovers. Sunborn Gardens is part of the upcoming Wisconsin Cut Flower Growers School, scheduled for next weekend, February 15-16, 2020, and presented by University of Wisconsin/Madison’s Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems. You can find more details here.

May 17th Spring Centerpiece Workshop with Lisa Larsen in Madison, Wisc.

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