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Seasonal eye candy

April 17th, 2012

Eco-conscious flower farmer and floral designer Kelly Sullivan of Seattle’s Botanique Flowers arrived with this gorgeous bouquet at a lunch I hosted last week. I had to share it!

Kelly Sullivan's evocative spring bouquet

Here’s what she included in the diminutive urn:

From her own garden: purple-blue grape hyacinths (Muscari); pale pink and purple flowers from a groundcover called Pulmonaria; geranium foliage; and variegated foliage/scented pale-pink flowers from a shrub called Daphne odora.

From the garden center: It was too early to harvest these from her own backyard, so Kelly bought potted anemone plants and clipped several of their romantic black-centered flowers in indigo and dark pink to add to the bouquet.

Everything is stablized with a small piece of chicken wire inside the vase, which allowed the designer to get the full, cascading effect she wanted. I was smitten!

So, when we had a talk and book-signing at Ravenna Gardens on Sunday, I brought along her vase to add to the book display. It’s simply sublime!

Kelly's bouquet looks pretty dazzling with our book display.

THANK YOU, Kelly!!!


4 Responses to “Seasonal eye candy”

  1. Kelly Sullivan (Botanique) Says:

    Thanks for posting this Debra! It was such a joy to make this arrangement for you, and the lunch was fabulous!!! There is nothing I like more than bringing flowers to someone who truly loves them, and is excited by the local, seasonal, eco-conscious aspects of the design!

  2. Erikson Patricks Says:

    Where can I buy that 50 mile bouquet book? Thanks for sharing the picture here. It’s really colorful and vibrant.


  3. Lorene Says:

    YUM! I love those deep blue early spring flowers the garden generously serves up

  4. Diana Spincter Says:

    I love springs for the beautiful flowers that sprout in the season. These bouquets are very very cute. I love them.
    Thanks for sharing.


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