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How many times has a vase of flowers tipped over in your car?

April 30th, 2012

Here’s a clever new way to transport a vase of flowers in the car!

I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to stabilize and transport a gift bouquet in my car. It usually means holding my breath while driving to the party.

Sometimes I place the vase inside a 5-gallon bucket or a large file box and stuff crumpled up newspaper around it. Occasionally, these ideas work out great. Then there are those times when I turn the corner and – oops – everything spills out.

I’m not saying the Vase Brace is perfect, but I sure think it’s a clever idea for transporting a vase, especially on the floor of the passenger’s side or behind the back seat.  Liz Griffin, a budding cut flower farmer from Auburn, brought along this nifty product to the workshop I taught at Seattle’s Dunn Garden on Saturday.

When the class was over, Liz simply placed the sturdy square base on the table and centered her vase on the top. Then she pulled on four bungee cords and snapped their hooks over the rim of her vase. The tension of the cords hold everything in place. No tipping allowed!

I was not the only person to ooh and aah at this clever product. In fact, I snapped a few photos of Liz’s beautiful arrangement secured for transport home in her car.

Today, she sent me the link to an online source called Arranged for you. Check it out – for just under $17, this simple product may make driving to a dinner party nearly stress-free! Thanks Liz!

12 Responses to “How many times has a vase of flowers tipped over in your car?”

  1. Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening Says:

    It would have been a lot easier if you had included the link, especially since it doesn’t match the business name:

  2. Perry Says:

    Great post. Thanks that you’ve shared. Looking forward for more great thoughts.

  3. Debra Says:

    Sorry Kathy! The link is in the final paragraph, highlighted as Arranged for You! Here it is again,

    It was such a Looooong link that I decided to hide it behind the name of the online store. Let me know if you try it out! Debra

  4. Pershy Says:

    It was a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  5. Connie Vaca Says:

    Now I know the trick! It’s always a mess when we did carry a vase to dinner with mum’s since she like plants and flowers a lot. This is I think cheapest way, right?

    Great tip by the way. Thanks!

  6. Portia Greene Says:

    This looks good! I definitely wanna have this Vase Brace! Where can you buy one of these? Thank you very much for sharing this info to everyone.

  7. Giselle Says:

    Thanks for the tips you have shared because for sure it is a help for me and for all the readers as well..

  8. Ella Says:

    It was an informative post. I definitely wanna have this Vase Brace! Where can you buy one of these?

    Hi Ella, see the LINK in the story above!

  9. Joe Says:

    If all else fails you can put the vase between your legs and look through the foliage as you drive…kinda like a little safari ride.

  10. Kendra B Says:

    When I transport vases, I just use my hands. So I guess this would really be helpful. I hope though that it comes in different sizes. Does it? Cause I use really small pots! Great post!

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Mike Pundyk Says:

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  12. Mike Pundyk Says:

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