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Out with the Tool Shed!

June 2nd, 2008

Thanks to Jane Berger of Garden Design Online for an endorsement in her blog today. The sublime shed is the new alternative to a plastic backyard storage unit, and Jane makes this point for her readers:

Once you’ve taken a quick look at this book, you’ll never again recommend a lean-to potting or tool shed or one of those abominations that they sell in the big-time lumber and hardware stores.

Sunni Rudd’s delightful backyard getaway

Filled with timeless character, John Barham’s potting place is at home in his sculpture garden

She singles out some of her favorite shed destinations featured in the pages of Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways, including our friend Sunni Rudd’s rustic but feminine hideaway in Seattle and the gracious John Barham’s weathered shed in the Hamptons, inspired by a historic fisherman’s shack. Each is unique and highly personal. And that’s the point of using this tiny architecture to make a big design statement in the landscape. Adds Jane:

Prinzing paves the way for an entirely new way to think about garden structures —  to make them very special places that fit the owner’s personality and add a touch in the garden that no one else can duplicate.

This book belongs on every designer’s bookshelf for inspiration … easily gained from the scores of photos by William Wright that illustrate every project. 

Thank you, Jane!

One Response to “Out with the Tool Shed!”

  1. Sunni Rudd* Says:

    Hello Jane,
    WOW! As you can see, this is Sunni Rudd. I am so flattered that you picked MY shed as one of the two of your favorite sheds in Debra’s amazing book that I am still so honored, proud and thrilled to be a huge part of. We became dear friends through that whole process and and I love her so much although we don’t see each other much. It’s funny, I know it is 8 years after you wrote this and I am just now seeing it and so deeply touched by your words and again flattered. I every once in a blue moon go to google and “Google myself” to see what people can find out about me now. And I found your article/ blog. Thank you. I have a rough go of it lately. So even though your words were written years ago…tonight, they lifted my spirits so very high. See, one never seen how or when their words will reach another person. We can only hope it will be when they need it the most.
    Thank you Jane, you couldn’t have had better timing.

    Love, Sunni Rudd*

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