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Escape to your own backyard

April 25th, 2008

Stylish Sheds on display

This posting is intended to THANK the wonderful members of Piedmont and Orinda Garden Clubs for hosting me on Thursday morning. These two groups in SF’s East Bay invited me to fly up to Oakland and visit their beautiful communities. The opportunity to talk about Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways was particularly “sweet,” because even though the event was scheduled five days before the April 29th publication of our book, I was able to show a slide preview of our book and sign advanced copies, shipped especially for this event.

deb at book signing

One of the things I noticed immediately was the sense of connection between gardeners and the idea of seeking out a separate, private getaway in the landscape. After the lecture many people in the audience mentioned their own desire for a backyard “shed” or “shelter,” including ideas sparked by seeing Bill’s photographs of some of the best shed designs around.

gingerbread playhouse

Joyce Nelson, past president of the Orinda Garden Club, invited us to stop by her place after lunch to see her Hansel-and-Gretel-inspired playhouse. Her grandchildren are growing up and Joyce confided to me that during my talk she looked at Bill Wright’s wonderful photographs and thought of all the new ways she could use and enjoy the gingerbread-style structure. I am waiting to see if Joyce adds an adult-sized door, tosses away the toys and replaces them with a wicker armchair and footstool. Here, she can enjoy quiet afternoons reading mystery novels or perusing seed catalogs!

I flew home last night to Burbank feeling gratified that my “launch” was warmly welcomed by wonderful new friends, including Lani Schulte, my hostess for the 24-hour visit. Thank you, Lani! I know we’ll see one another again.

Bill and I have a big week ahead. Our first big book publication event is scheduled for this Sunday, April 27th, in Sandy Koepke’s Beverly Hills garden. Sandy, Cristi Walden and Paula Panich are hosting the debut of Stylish Sheds. These talented women are baking up a storm – tea party sandwiches and more! But my contribution to the party is a batch of shed-shaped cookies. Yes, the idea took hold and I couldn’t ignore it! I found cookie-cutter choices in the shapes of a cottage, dog house, gingerbread house and barn. I baked dozens of cookies and my mom, Anita, helped decorate them last weekend.

On Wednesday, we fly to Austin for 2 “Shedista” parties, a TV show and a special book-signing at Big Red Sun, a hot Austin garden center. This is going to be a blast….

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4 Responses to “Escape to your own backyard”

  1. Dee/reddirtramblings Says:

    Debra, I ordered mine from the local bookstore, and it should be here soon. Now, how to get it signed? Hmmm, maybe you’ll return to OK someday.~~Dee

  2. admin Says:

    dearest Dee….you are a dear. I will bring pen in hand to Portland, okay!? Read on for news of yesterday’s awesome Beverly Hills’ book launch! xoxo Deb

  3. MA Says:

    ohohohoh…….i wanna be where EVER you are! Let the parties begin! Please make my copy show up on my doorstep tomorrow. Tell Dee she has to come to Portland in September. You can sign her copy of Stylish Sheds then……over a glass of wine. With me. And Dee. And thee. OK, I am outta control. I am just sooooo excited to see the book. oxoxo

  4. April Matthews Says:

    I am in Snohomish, WA for my mother’s 90th birthday party 5/4. We are thinking of adding onto the farmhouse so she has a more comfortable bedroom suite, we only need a shed-style attachment to the house. I am looking through todays Garden Section of the Snohomish Herald and see this article on Debra and William’s book and I think, “wow, they could have some good plans/ideas that could work for the 20X16′ addition we need”.
    I pull up the website and start to read only to find out they have been in my home town, Orinda, speaking to the wonderful Garden Club! I think I even see my friend Ann Cindery in a photo. I am ordering the book immediately (from the Orinda Book Store in hopes they have some signed copies). I am hopeful of finding a plan that could work, at least a lot of inspiration.

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