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Stylish Sheds on the road

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Photographer extraordinaire Bill Wright and I just met up in Portland over the weekend to attend and lecture at the annual Garden Writers Association symposium.

In addition to schmoozing with fellow creative types, editors, art directors, bloggers, twitterers and long-time friends, we gave a talk on Sunday morning called “Anatomy of a Book: How Two Friends Collaborated Without Killing One Another.”

Bill illustrated the 45-minute lecture with a cool powerpoint slide show revealing the good, the bad and the ugly of our year-plus-long odyssey to produce Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways. His opening slide tells it all:


A year on the road with Debra and Bill

34 airline flights

Hundreds of emails

30,000 words

6,300 camera frames

300 finished photos

Getting up at 4:00 AM, either to shoot or to go to the airport, way too many times

We hope to post the audio online in the future, but thanks to Maryellen (aka Yogacowgirls), one of our fellow GWA members who blogs and twitters like mad, two video clips of the talk are already posted on YouTube.

The first one is called “Debra Prinzing, William Wright discuss Stylish Sheds.”

“Debra Prinzing, William Wright discuss Stylish Sheds.”

It”s followed immediately by “Pictures from Shed Style by Debra Prinzing and William Wright.”

“Debra Prinzing, William Wright discuss Stylish Sheds.