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Musings from Debra

February 11th, 2009

Ideas that grow in the garden of my mind.

Thoughts that furnish the rooms of my spirit.

My Blog posts are essentially a concoction of a few ingredients: The news or feature article with a little bit of opinion writing thrown in.

But every now and then, I step out of the journalist’s role and dabble in essay-writing. 

I just added a “Musings” tab at the top of this page to gather my occasional essays. Read on to see what I’m thinking . . .




Debra’s writing workshop for Northwest Horticultural Society – in her Seattle dining room. From left: Debra, Stacie Crooks, George Lasch, Cindy and David Fairbrook (2005)

3 Responses to “Musings from Debra”

  1. Theresa/GardenFreshLiving Says:


    That first essay is so wonderful. I read it twice – Not because I didn’t get it the first time (I already had my coffee this morning – Ha Ha) but because it was so beautiful and explains so well what goes on in your head when you approach a story. Having read it, I can see exactly what you were doing when you wrote articles like the one about the La Canada home and the Malibu garden. When I read your work, I am always so impressed by your “angle” and your insight into how the space relates to the home and the home owners. Now I understand a little bit better how you do it. And you are correct – YOU are uniquely qualified to do just that. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Dee/reddirtramblings Says:

    Reading your essay helped me learn more about my friend’s background. I like this very much. It is fun to step out of the journalistic role and take on that of the essayist. It is often what I do on my own blog. It frees me to write the more the more factual articles. I look at the photo above and wish I were there with you and the other writers in your workshop. In spirit, I am. Love you and miss you, Dee

  3. Lorene Says:

    You’ve said it beautifully, you’ve put it out there and anyone who reads your essay will now have their eyes opened as well. Nothing cliched in that; in fact it’s a gift. Thank you

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