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Post-script: San Diego

October 23rd, 2007

The telephone, email messages, television and radio reports are bombarding us. Good wishes from friends wondering if my household is safe from fires. The answer is YES.

Worrying about our dear San Diego gardening friends, their homes, gardens, entire lives. So far, I’ve heard from several who are okay, including Kathy Lafleur, who emailed from Rancho Santa Fe today to report:

We left the house at Sunset last night and were back by sunrise. We have been cutting broken tree limbs and dragging them off to the back driveway all morning .

We called a tree service and they said they are not allowed to do any work in the Ranch until further notice. We also ordered three more diptsy dumpsters to be delivered ASAP.  The problem with Santa Ana winds is the unpredictability.

We are ready to leave again on a moments notice. Hopefully the winds will end and they can get control of this situation.

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