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Shed Stuff

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

In my past life as a garden writer in Seattle, I had several opportunities to interview landscape architect Alan Burke of Classic Nursery & Landscape Co. in Redmond (outside Seattle). I profiled Alan as one of the “Hot 40 Landscape Designers You Need to Know,” for Northwest Home + Garden Magazine in 2005.

Now we’re just Facebook Friends (since I’m here in Southern California; he’s still in the PNW; and I don’t get to see what he’s up to).

But today, out of the blue, I received this little communique from him on FB:

Today at 4:29pm
So I am having a meeting with a client, we’re talking about an outbuilding. She is thinking of many ideas for the shed, a greenhouse, a writer’s studio, a music room, a conservatory…. As we’re talking I am thinking: “I have to refer her to Deb’s book.” She says: “I saw some great ideas somewhere wait, I…”
I say: “You need to get a copy of Shed Style,” and she almost screams, “That’s it! That’s where I got the idea!”

…It’s a great book to show clients to get the ideas flowing….Great job!

Thanks for the shout-out, Alan. I needed that good news today!
Promise you’ll send me photos of the “outbuilding” you design for your client, okay? I’ll be sure to post them here!