Debra Prinzing

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It’s official: Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways is “Award-Winning”

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

09-awards-logoThe tan envelope arrives in today’s mail. I open it up, hardly able to focus on the letter from Denise Cowie, chair of the 2009 Garden Writers Association Media Awards program.

But, yes, it seems I read this right. “Your entry has received a Silver Award of Achievement,” the letter explains.

The work: Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways

The category: Writing, book

new-book-cover-webAfter whooping it up with my husband, Bruce, I call Jennifer Gilbert at the GWA headquarters to ask whether a letter was sent to Clarkson Potter regarding the “Overall Product” category (which encompasses writing, photography, design and production).

Yes, she assures me, Stylish Sheds has also won a Silver Award for Overall Product. The letter went to our editor, Doris Cooper.

Then I call Bill Wright in Seattle. “Did you open your mail yet?” I ask. “Do you mean my e-mail?” he replies.

“No, your regular mail.”

“It hasn’t come yet today.”

“Oh, well, guess what? We won a Silver Award from Garden Writers for Overall Book Product and I won a Silver for Writing.”

His reply? “Yeah, I got the letter on Saturday saying I won a Silver for Photography.”

What? How could he not be as excited as I am?! He’s known for two days and he didn’t call to tell me!!!

Maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on this, but I love to win – and I love accolades. (Sorry, I know that statement reveals my desire for human affirmation. It often puts me in a bad position because sometimes my motivation to write is more for the accolades than a paycheck!)

Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways, this labor of love, has been positively recognized by many reviewers, purchased by book buyers, and supported by our patient family and friends. That should be reward enough.

But just this once, it’s nice to win something. Even if it’s merely a “certificate” that you can take home and frame.

P.S. We’re eligible in all three categories (Writing, Photography and Overall Product) to be judged for a Gold Award. But we have to wait until the 2009 annual symposium in Raleigh, North Carolina (in September) to know the results.