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Slow Flowers Creative Workshop: Floral Storytelling

Announcing my first online course, in which you will learn to use storytelling techniques to write at least one article or blog post for publication, not to enjoy four expanded lessons floral adjectives, color descriptions, sensory language and simile/metaphor.

I’m a florist. I’m a flower farmer. Why is it important to improve my writing skills?
Having a set of floral storytelling tools allows you to design a bouquet of words – words that enhance the visuals that your audience sees. If you’re like me, once you find a useful new word that describes exactly what you feel about a color, flower, landscape or the seasons, you will not only add it to your toolbox, but you’ll feel empowered and more confident in the writing you use in your creative enterprise.

Three Modules. Ten Lessons. Six Worksheets. Three Writing Templates.

Registration opens on October 15th, with course beginning November 1st.

Investment: $297

Because this is an introductory course, I’m offering early-bird registrants a deep discount of $200 off your tuition. That means you’ll enjoy this personalized writing course for just $97.

Use Coupon Code: SF97 at checkout

What you’ll accomplish:
Develop a clear vision for communicating your brand distinctives
Build a glossary of effective storytelling language to support the marketing for your floral business.
Communicate more effectively and with ease.
Use enhanced, on-point messaging.

My Promise:
As you build a floral vocabulary that reflects you and your aesthetic, you’ll find that you save time agonizing over “what to say” – and that savings translates into money as you leverage your newfound confidence and expanded writing skills to better express your ideas, your aesthetic and the way you see the world.

After all, as Seth Godin says: “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic.” Let’s create magic with words.

Writing is Storytelling
Storytelling is Personal
Personal Stories Connect

Course Outline:

1 – ENHANCE YOUR LANGUAGE with Floral Adjectives, Color Descriptions, Sensory Language and Simile/Metaphor. This section expands on the mini-course I recently taught for Fleurvana with several lessons to develop your floral language fluency.

2 – INTRODUCE YOU AND YOUR STORY on your About Page. Let’s break down the do’s and don’ts and craft a personal “about” bio for you to use on your website and for other purposes. We’ll cover the best elements of your media kit and how and what your lecture page should include.

3 – DRAFT, REVISE AND COMPLETE a fully-developed article, blog post or memoir-ish essay, suitable for publication. We’ll cover useful templates you can use to jump-start your blog, or expand your content, such as a personal journal, article or essay.

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