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Plant Your Porch: About Debra’s Newest Book Project


Here is the news about my forthcoming book for Timber Press — and details on how you can be part of it!

The working title is “Plant Your Porch: Transform your Outdoor Space into a Beautiful Garden,” with plans for an early 2016 publication. 

As I begin developing the written content of this book, much will be influenced by the photography we are able to procure. With that in mind, I am seeking existing images of the following types of residential garden settings. This call for images covers all sorts of “lifestyle garden spaces,” including container-planted, in-ground and combinations: 

  • Planted outdoor rooms: Patio, Porch, Deck, Balcony and Courtyard environments featuring ornamental plants.
  • Creative uses of small spaces with plants used for screening, definition, transition or decor.
  • Entire garden projects illustrating a connection of “garden rooms” – the book will take a tour through all aspects of a residential setting.
  • Porch gardens with “curb appeal.”
  • Well-planted outdoor “living rooms” (patios or decks) where people gather and entertain.
  • Eating/cooking areas integrated with vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and salad crops.
  • Family-centric play spaces where plants are used as visual decor or sculpture.
  • Spa/relaxation spaces: Outdoor tubs, showers, pools where sensory plants enhance. 

Some of you have contributed to book projects like this before, so you know how it works. I have a fixed photography budget and I need to make it stretch to fill the book with 250 images. A priority will be placed on galleries of entire project – and I believe that’s how I can best compensate you for usage rights (i.e., the more images I’m able to use, the more appealing the compensation). 

Here is your chance to showcase beautiful, artistic, plant-centric landscapes you’ve designed, built or photographed. I’m particularly eager to feature garden settings of diverse styles and a variety of geographic settings around North America. The goal is to showcase about 50 residential projects, coast to coast. 

What to do:

(1) Identify projects you think might be a good fit for “Plant Your Porch.”

(2) If you are a photographer, I’d love to see previously published or unpublished residential projects you’ve already shot. You can send me a link to your Light Box site or load low-res images on Dropbox for my review.

(3) If you are a designer, please send me links to your projects. Scouting photos are acceptable if you don’t have access to professional images (photos less than 300 dpi or 3-x-5 inches will be considered for scouting purposes). We will be commissioning a select number of residential projects for the book.

(4) If you are a builder/contractor, please do the same as above.

I will be working on this book for the balance of 2014. Of course, the sooner you can share possible photography, the more likely that I can consider it for inclusion in the book. I would like to review all photography by June 1, 2014. 

As you may know, In the past 12 years, I have authored 10 books on landscape, gardening and floral design topics. This project will be my first for Timber Press and we plan on a big publicity and marketing effort to support “Plant Your Porch.” 

If you would like to chat further, please do not hesitate to contact me at 

Thank you in advance for your consideration






Debra Prinzing