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Morgan Anderson of The.Flori.Culture’s DIY Recipe for Sabal Palm Fronds


Floral artist Morgan Anderson of The Flori.Culture shares her unique brand of Texas-inspired modern design, cultivating floral artistry using geometric shapes, unconventional botanicals, and dynamic color.

photographer: Amber Snow
venue: Prospect House

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botanical ingredients.
27 – 30 stems Sabal Palm Fronds (from Texas A&M University Greenhouses!)
1 bunch Ranunculus (apricot hues)
2 stems Pin Cushion Protea (sunshine yellow)
4 bunches Craspedia (sunshine yellow)
1 bunch Variegated Flax Leaf
1 bunch Variegated Lily Grass
2 bunches Daffodils
1 bag Reindeer Moss (spring green)

Snips (
Clippers (
Trough Vessel 36”-47” length x 4” height & width (
¼” Clear Floral Tape ( )
10 Wired Floral Picks(
Watering Can
one. Fill the trough with water using the watering can until 1” below the lip of the vase.
two.   Create a grid with the clear floral tape, spaced approximately 1”. (Keep vase lip dry.)
three. Prepare Palms using snips to cut a oval to round shape around the base of the stem.
four. Place Palms in the vase, cutting the stems approximately 5”.
five. Leave a 1 foot space in the Palms to create a focal point of colour.
six. Loop Flax Leaves within the space and between the Palms to create a focal area.
seven. Bundle moss tufts by wiring small bunches to the floral picks.
eight. Integrate moss tufts between the loops of Flax.
nine. Nestle Pin Cushion Protea to create an area of dominance in the Flax and Moss.
ten. Space shorter and taller Ranunculus within the Flax and Moss for depth.
eleven. Add texture with Daffodils placed adjacent to Ranunculus.
twelve. Position Craspedia to highlight Daffodils and Ranunculus.
thirteen. Top-off vessel with more water daily.