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The Abundant Garden

A celebration of color, texture and blooms.

By Debra Prinzing; photography by Barbara J. Denk
Cool Springs Press, 2005

Enter the world of The Abundant Garden and you’ll enjoy the journey through a verdant, textured environment populated by common and uncommon trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, perennials, grasses, and bulbs. You’ll travel along thoughtfully placed paths, as well as walkways that have evolved in a happenstance manner. You’ll enter secluded grottoes and courtyards that invite you to experience an intimate feeling of serenity. You’ll delight in an explosion of vibrant floral palettes and be equally enchanted by the sublime natural beauty of green, gold, and burgundy foliage.

The Abundant Garden All of the nine extraordinary gardens featured in this book thrive and flourish on Bainbridge Island, Washington, where growing conditions are widely varied. The exciting “tours” through each garden in this book illustrate how to plan, design, and cultivate an abundant garden, with inspiring ideas and techniques that can be applied no matter where you live and garden.

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